Frequently Asked Questions

What will your development include?
  • 4+ star hotel with 159 rooms
  • Perth’s first beach-side convention centre
  • 300 residential apartments
  • Resort-style commercial and retail space
  • 328 Bays of Public Car Parking
  • World class, iconic architecture of international standard
  • Major pedestrian connections; including a possible pedestrian bridge across West Coast Highway.
Have you undertaken community engagement?

Yes. We have met with some key stakeholders and community groups and held community-based workshops to present the project and seek feedback about the community amenity around the proposed development, the ‘look and feel’ of the building and surrounds and input about parking and public transport in the area.

Has the State Government considered or reviewed your plans?

We have submitted a development application via local and state government. There is a robust process in place for any development plan.

Is the City of Stirling supportive of this proposal?

The City has indicated that we may submit our proposal and encouraged us to seek community input –which we would have done regardless.

Who are 3 oceans and what other developments have you completed?
  • Headquartered in Perth – Western Australia
  • Dual tourism / hospitality and development focus – 3 Oceans Winery
  • Focus on iconic developments in premium locations
  • Legacy building and experienced in delivering world class outcomes
  • International development exposure and experience, China; Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Diversified portfolio from tourism; hospitality; retail; office building and mixed use developments
  • Average 500,000 square meters mixed used property per annum since 2007
  • Catalyst projects in WA:
  • Scarborough
  • North Fremantle
How will this development benefit the local area?

We see this development as a strategically important asset for WA from a residential, tourism, recreation, retail and business district perspective. It will promote tourism, provide a new place for local people to enjoy, improve the accommodation offering, and create exciting new retail and food opportunities.

Will there be access between the development and the beach?

We are proposing to create major pedestrian connections; including a possible pedestrian bridge across West Coast Highway.

How is the project being funded?

The project will be funded privately and enhance the investment already provided by local and state governments, to create a transformative and iconic development of international standard; celebrating Scarborough’s identity and delivering world class attractions for locals and visitors alike.

When do you expect construction to start and how long will it take?

Subject to receiving the necessary planning approvals, construction is expected to commence on site late 2017.

Will local contractors and suppliers be given priority consideration as part of the construction phase?

There will be significant employment opportunities, particularly during construction and positions will be offered to the most suitable, job ready applicants.

How many jobs (temporary/permanent) will construction and operation of this development create?

It is anticipated that there will be about 2000 local jobs at the peak of construction, and in excess of 400 jobs long term.

What kind of disruption will there be to roads in the area at the time of construction?

We are already working with urban planners and transport specialists to discuss the most appropriate way to manage traffic issues during this timeframe.

Who will operate the completed Hotel?

Details are to be finalised, pending development approval, however given the high quality of our proposed development, we are seeking a high-quality operator upon completion.